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Together with Impact Video, LPSAustin bring the excitement that fans have come to expect at professional sporting events to your air show. 

There are many people that know television production, and there are many people that know air shows, but there are very few that are qualified in both.  Jeff has been the Director of Media Productions for Aviation Nation since its inception in 2002.  Three out of the five years there have been truck based video screens at the event, and Jeff has designed or directed the content for each of those years. 

Not only are big screens a benefit for the air show fans, but a BIG plus for your corporate partners.  Ad time can be worked into your sponsorship packages to give your partners a greater impact at the event.  You can also add in “spot buys” for local business that just want to gain some exposure from the audience you’ve gathered.

Get those up close shots, learn more about the planes and pilots in the air, and gain exposure for your sponsors.  Take your show to the next level with Impact Video and LPSAustin.

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