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Practical Video Solutions

Lee Production Services is involved in all types of production.† After hundreds of commercials, and long form video productions, thereís almost nothing we havenít done.

Our work is both direct with individual companies, but we also provide directorial and editorial services for other production companies.† Some of these include: Dell Computer Corporation, Advanced Micro Devices, MDS Advertising, Defensive Driving,com, EZCorp, Texas Education Agency, Texas Department of Public Safety, University of Texas School of Nursing, Whole Foods Inc.,† Texas Entertainment News,† Fox Service Co., Baylor University, Good Morning America, Texas Restaurant Assoc., and many others.

Most of these productions are single-camera, film-style productions.† Some have large crews, and some are small.† The tools that are needed for your production will be determined by what you want to accomplish, what story you want to tell.† Our goal is to give you the most value for your dollar!

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